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08 May 2009

DNA and Genetic Genealogy: A Morse and Morse Presentation

DNA and Genetic Genealogy
Saturday, June 13, 2009, 1:30 p.m.
California Genealogical Society and Library
2201 Broadway at 22nd, Suite LL2
Oakland, California

Please join us for this special program by noted lecturer Steve Morse and his daughter, Megan.

Stephen Morse is the creator of the One-Step Website for which he has received numerous awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award. He is a computer professional with a doctorate degree in E.E. – Electrical Engineering. He is well-known as the architect of the Intel 8086, which sparked the PC revolution. But his best accomplishment was that of fathering his daughter, Megan.

Megan Morse holds a bachelor's degree in "E.E.", but hers stands for Evolution and Ecology. She works as a wildlife educator and animal handler for Wildlife Associates, a non-profit wildlife sanctuary in Half Moon Bay, California. She raises and trains everything from anteaters to porcupines, cats to snakes and foxes to hawks. She travels with these animals to schools, libraries, and recreation centers throughout the Bay Area to give educational presentations.

Megan, with her formal training in evolution and her knowledge of DNA, complements her dad who is self-taught in these areas. Together they explain genetic genealogy and how it applies to the human species as well as the larger animal kingdom.


Anonymous said...

I attended one of Dr. Morse's talks in Concord, CA and found it very informative and enjoyable. He provided a solid background along with useful, practical information. His website is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Should be an even better talk with his daughter!